3 Star Half Front Lexan Windshield - CF MOTO UForce 500 | 800

3 Star Half Front Lexan Windshield - CF MOTO UForce 500 | 800
3 Star Half Front Lexan Windshield - CF MOTO UForce 500 | 800
3 Star Half Front Lexan Windshield - CF MOTO UForce 500 | 800
Brand: 3 Star Industries, Inc.
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Product Description

Applicability: 2014-21 CFMOTO UForce 800 and 2016-20 CFMOTO UForce 500

Have you had about all you can take of the drive-winds? No worries, friends, Side By Side Stuff can help you with that. All you need is a UTV front windshield. Now, we know you love the feeling of an open cab, so we recommend checking out this UForce 500 Half Front Lexan Windshield by 3 Star. This aftermarket accessory allows you to keep the freedom while diverting wind up and out of your face. With this assembly, you get the benefits of a windshield, without the restrictions. Have we piqued your attention yet? Keep reading.

This aftermarket body accessory is formed from non-coated Lexan in a one-piece design, complete with a lip across the top. That lip push wind up and above the cab for a more comfortable ride for you and passengers. 3 Star also includes an automotive gasket along the bottom, which provides a snug fit, eliminates rattling, and keeps your plastics from getting scratched. What's great is the SxS half windshield installs using heavy-duty Velcro straps. It takes mere minutes to install without so much as a tool. That's right, no hassle, no fuss, just strap that bad boy on and get the protection you deserve.

  • 1/4-inch-thick non-coated Lexan
  • 250 times stronger than glass
  • 30 times stronger than acrylic
  • Automotive rubber edging
  • Fits tight against roll bars
  • 4 Velcro cinch straps included for quick installation
  • One-piece design
  • All installation hardware and instructions included
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

PLEASE READ: Upon receipt of your windshield and prior to removing the protective film
  • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film
  • Ensure product satisfaction
  • Confirm correct fitment
Once protective film is removed, the windshield is no longer returnable or refundable.

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