Can-Am Maverick Sport Bumpers & Hitches

Listen, we know all too well how crucial to your cause having a Maverick Sport bumper, winch, and hitch is. Side By Side Stuff likes to call this category our must-have offroad accessories. Why? We thought you'd never ask!

UTV bumpers speak for themselves; if you're going to ride rough, you need to protect your asset with battle-ready gear that will keep your front chassis or rear-end intact. Side By Side Stuff has the good-good from stellar brands like Super ATV, HMF, and others. Now, we don't know about you, but being stuck is also a Powersports faux pas, which is why a Warn or Moose winch should be added to the mix too. Finally, getting outfitted with a UTV hitch is the mother-load of Maverick Sport accessories. These Great Day and ATV-Tek hitches allow you the ability to tow or even add other attachments.

We could sit here all day and give you all the scenarios that require the need for Maverick Sport bumpers, winches, and hitches. But we know you'd rather be out riding and ripping than reading, so we'll leave you to it.