Full Folding Front Lexan Windshield by DaBomb Windshields - Polaris General 1000 | XP 1000

Full Folding Front Lexan Windshield by DaBomb Windshields - Polaris General 1000 | XP 1000
Full Folding Front Lexan Windshield by DaBomb Windshields - Polaris General 1000 | XP 1000
Full Folding Front Lexan Windshield by DaBomb Windshields - Polaris General 1000 | XP 1000
Full Folding Front Lexan Windshield by DaBomb Windshields - Polaris General 1000 | XP 1000

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Brand: DaBomb Windshields
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Product Description

Applicability: 2016-20 Polaris General 1000 / General XP 1000 / General 4 1000 / General XP 4 1000

Your Polaris General 1000 has proven itself an impressive machine on and off the rugged terrain. Enjoying the wide open trails along these rough riding routes is a blast, well, besides all that debris coming at everyone along for the ride. Branches, rocks and more can be both dangerous and annoying, but with the Full Folding Lexan Windshield by DaBomb Windshields, getting through these challenging destinations is easy. Let's take a moment to review some of the impressive features of this amazing product!

To ensure that this windshield means business, this manufacturer has a 5-year warranty against defects, clouding and discoloring! Set-up is easy and with just a screwdriver and wrench required all the included hardware goes on in just minutes, holding snug against the roll bars to prevent rattling even the most treacherous trails along the way. When in the folding position, rubber bumpers allow the windshield to sit comfortably against the hood without causing damage, scratching and other expensive damages. Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., this windshield gives you the best of both worlds for any encounters!

  • 2 year warranty against manufacturer defect, product clouding or discoloring
  • Secures tight in down position for towing and riding
  • All hardware and installation instructions are included
  • Takes no more than a screwdriver and wrench to install
  • Bumpers keep windshield from touching hood when in the folded position
  • Heavy duty Velcro straps secure windshield when in folded position
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Hard Coat Option:
Lexan, though impact resistant, is highly susceptible to scratching and even cleaning it incorrectly can scratch the material. The MR-10 hard coat option covers both the outside and interior of the windshield, prevents scratching and lengthens the life of your windshield. It is also 1/4 inch thick versus the non-coated windshield that is 3/16 inch thick.

Soft Top (no measurement required):
Reverse top bend so soft top goes over the windshield and ensures no water leaks into the cab.

Hard Top (aftermarket hard top requires measurement):
Custom sized to your aftermarket hard top so the windshield can still fold without removal of top. To measure for aftermarket hard top (see diagram above): Your starting point will be where the roll bar meets the body (see diagram). From there, measure straight up (Do NOT follow the roll bar) to the bottom lip or lowest point of the hard top. If measurement is not listed, we suggest rounding down to the next measurement.

Shared Shipping Program: You pay $11.00 shipping/handling, and Side By Side Stuff will pay the rest!

PLEASE READ: Upon receipt of your windshield and prior to removing the protective film
  • Inspect for any damages, including scratches protruding through the protective film
  • Ensure product satisfaction
  • Confirm correct fitment
Once protective film is removed, the windshield is no longer returnable or refundable.

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Dabomb windshield ,
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This windshield is a good concept. But the way you fasten it down during transportation is awful. After contacting the manufacturer and listening to their directions on how to fasten it down. My windshield pop up about 45 miles an hour trying to get on the freeway. Two weeks before this I had the same issue but I caught it in time and the windshield did not break so I emailed the manufacture and was told to watch a video. Two weeks later after following the manufactures instructions I had to purchase a brand new windshield as the manufacture would not stand by their product. If you do purchase his windshield you would need to find an alternative way too fasten it down in transport .

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