John Deere Gator Windshields & Roofs

There are a lot of environmental nuisances when it comes to offroad traveling, like dust, bugs in the face, wind gust, and Mother Nature’s fits of rage. The integration of Gator XUV 835 windshields and roofs can help provide you hardworking country folks with ample reprieve from those annoyances.

The point of adding aftermarket parts and accessories to your machine structure is to provide UTV crusaders with a better ride experience. So, imagine what a windshield blocking wind, bugs, and debris will do for your adventure? Not to mention a Gator XUV 835 hardtop and rear panel, you’ll have coverage from dust rollback, rain, UV rays, and much more!

You can increase the quality of your ride by getting your new Gator XUV windshield at or giving one of our friendly reps a call!