Kubota RTV Street Legal & DOT Approval Products

How to Get Your Rig Road-Ready

The selection you'll find at Side By Side Stuff is one of the largest in the nation. We have thousands of Kubota street legal and DOT-approved accessories that will have you ready for the roads quickly and conveniently. Everything you need from top brands like Falcon Ridge, Seizmik, and more to take it to the pavement is in one location.

Is a Kubota RTV street legal?

Before you begin your purchase journey, you want to call the local DMV to inquire about local laws. Be SURE the features are State DOT stamped.

DOT-Approved Stuff

There’s a long list of parts that not only keep your UTV safer on the trails, but are needed to get your rig DOT-approved for the street. We’ve got a wide variety of DOT-approved parts—everything you’ll need to get out there:
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Horn Kit
  • License Plate Frame
  • Rearview Mirror
  • Registration Mount
  • Seizmik Side Mirrors
  • Tires
  • Kubota RTV turn signal kit
  • Windshield

Kubota Street Legal DOT Stamped Tires

Many DOT tires are available from leading brands like Falcon Ridge, each with unique tread patterns and carcass designs. Most include 6- or 8-ply radial dynamics, all manufactured for long-lasting tread life and puncture resistance.

Consider Investing in a DOT-Approved Windshield

Before you can hit the road, remember that your Kubota RTV might not be considered street legal without a windshield. But it’s not just about being a law follower. These windshields are incredibly durable, constructed from polycarbonate, and infused with hard coating.

No matter what parts you’ll need, you’re going to find incredible deals at Side by Side Stuff. With limited lifetime warranties available on many of our top brands like Seizmik and High Lifter, you can be confident you’re buying from the right parts shop. Find your best fit here today.