Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV - 2014-19 Honda Rancher 420

Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV - 2014-19 Honda Rancher 420
Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV - 2014-19 Honda Rancher 420
Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit by Snorkel Your ATV - 2014-19 Honda Rancher 420
Item # 0040
Brand: Snorkel Your ATV
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Optional LED Snorkel Accent Lights:
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Applicability: 2014-19 Honda Rancher 420

If you are like us and the rest of the off-road riding community chances are your Honda Rancher 420 doesnít back down from a challenge. Thatís fine so long as your machine is outfitted for total trail domination, after all some trails can constantly attack you and your machine. Thatís why here at SideBySideStuff.com we offer products that will help you handle any situation and challenge that you may come across. One product thatís sure to help you conquer the wettest and muddiest challenges is this Warrior Riser Snorkel Kit from our friends at Snorkel Your ATV.

This all-inclusive snorkel system comes with everything you need to keep your machine running when the going get deep. Designed to allow for proper venting and air intake in even the worst conditions this kit is going to keep you fighting. The Warrior Risers are unique because they have built in vent slots to help keep the vent lines high above the mess for the best chance of constant clean airflow. While thatís just one great feature, we list a bunch more down below so check them out!

  • Two (2) front risers
  • 2" Warrior risers that slide and lock together for a strong, perfectly straight install
  • Warrior risers have built in vent line slots to keep vent lines high, dry and secured cleanly
  • Risers come in an all black finish but can easily be painted or hydro-dipped
  • No drilling into airbox required
  • Snorkels air box, CVT inlet, CVT outlet and all vent lines
  • Second riser helps give a uniformed look and carries vent lines
  • Requires drilling 2 holes in the front fender area
  • Detailed color instructions with detailed pictures included for easy installation
  • Comes standard with removable Warrior Wear tips
    • Not required for use
    • Easily cleaned and reusable, come unglued so you can custom paint them (come in black ONLY)
    • Easily glued with Locktite Stick'N Seal glue and can be glued with or without the water repellent pre-filter material
    • CVT outlet SHOULD NOT have the water repellent material in place

Optional LED Snorkel Accent Lights:
  • Includes two 2" LED lights
  • LED Snorkel lights are a key on system, meaning they come on when you turn the key on the machine

All snorkel kits may required some cutting / drilling, which is standard for snorkel kits.
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