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Brite-Saber Brand UTV Light Bars

When its time to shine bright whether you need an increase in visibility or you need LED chase lights to add visual awareness for fellow roadsters, Side By Side Stuff introduces Brite-Saber to meet your needs.

Brite-Saber is about grit as they’ve made it a top priority to provide roadies with LED power while being tough enough to tank through terrain madness. Whether you’ve got a performance or utility vehicle, the SxS illuminator LED lamps and chase lights are a must-have! Brite-Saber has also mastered UTV side mirrors with incorporated LED lights! What?!

Side By Side gives out friends at Brite-Saver a huge high-five with their sweet designs and functionality features. You can find these well-crafted aftermarket LED lightbars at! Don’t forget to take advantage of our free and shared shipping program.
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