Yamaha Viking VI UHMW Full Skid Plate

Trail Armor UHMW Full Skids w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha Viking VI
Trail Armor UHMW Full Skids w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha Viking VI
Trail Armor UHMW Full Skids w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha Viking VI
Trail Armor UHMW Full Skids w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha Viking VI
Brand: Trail Armor
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Product Description

- Retain original mounting hardware as some will be used in the mounting of this product.
- Colors are not pigment matched to ANY OEM manufacturer's color scheme. All colors EXCEPT black are considered custom colors and therefore, non-returnable.

Applicability: 2014-21 Yamaha Viking VI

You own a Yamaha Viking VI, a machine made to take off the beaten path through the toughest terrain. Sometimes you may need a little more protection for those rough roading adventures. To keep from having those pesky sticks or rocks hitting at your machines axles and causing expensive damages, Side By Side Stuff presents the Trail Armor Full Skid Plate with Integrated Sliders. This skid plate covers the entire bottom of your machine. The full skid also protects the front and rear differential so you can take the rocky terrain like a boss!

The skid plate is made from 1/2" thick UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight) plastic material. This material can resist corrosion and abrasion longer and better than traditional aluminum skids. To ensure a smooth surface, the panels that piece the skids together are jointed and lapped together. The side panels are extended out in place of slider nerfs to protect rocker panels. All throughout the skid are recessed mounting holes designed to let any debris to wash away smoothly. All instructions are included for simple installation.

  • Made from 1/2" thick UHMW
  • Covers full length and width of machine
  • Covers front and rear differentials
  • Lap jointed panels for a single smooth surface
  • Formed leading edges to protect vulnerable frame edges and wheel wheels
  • Extended side panels bent to act as slider nerfs to protect rocker panels
  • Strategically placed drain holes to allow dirt and debris to wash out easily
  • Recessed mounting holes to protect fasteners from damaging blows and keep bolt heads from protruding
  • Corrosion resistant hardware and photo-documented installation instructions included

Shared Shipping Program: This ships in 2 large boxes, dimensions 46 x 27 x 3 60 lbs. and 52 x 27 x 23 63 lbs. You pay $265.00 shipping/handling and Side By Side Stuff will pay the rest.

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