Yamaha YXZ 1000R Skid Plate Set

Trail Armor Full Skid Plate w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha YXZ 1000 R
Trail Armor Full Skid Plate w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha YXZ 1000 R
Trail Armor Full Skid Plate w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha YXZ 1000 R
Trail Armor Full Skid Plate w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha YXZ 1000 R
Trail Armor Full Skid Plate w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha YXZ 1000 R
Trail Armor Full Skid Plate w| Integrated Sliders - Yamaha YXZ 1000 R

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Brand: Trail Armor
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Product Description

- Does NOT come with a-arm guards shown in some of the pictures above.
- Retain original mounting hardware as some will be used in the mounting of this product.
- Colors are not pigment matched to ANY OEM manufacturer's color scheme. All colors EXCEPT black are considered custom colors and therefore, non-returnable.

Applicability: 2016-21 Yamaha YXZ1000R and YXZ1000R SS

So, you want to take your Yamaha YXZ 1000 R off the beaten path but donít know how to protect your undercarriage from damage. Look no further than the Trail Armor Full Skid Plate with Integrated Sliders; itís all you need to ease your fears. Trail Armor was the first in the industry to fabricate a design to act as a starting edge to slide over obstacles without the resistance and drag as those made of metal. This full skid plate has the belly of your machine covered with the formed leading edges (front to rear) protecting the vulnerable frame edges and wheel wells from blunt edge impacts, crushing anything in its path.

Fabricated from Trail Armorís own custom blend of 1/2" thick ultra-high molecular weight polymer (UHMW) unlike most traditional aluminum skids they are lighter and have no ďimpact memoryĒ. This skid will absorb shocks to the bottom of your UTV without the dents and corrosion like you get with metal/aluminum skids. This full protection comes in easy to install panels, covering the full length and width of your machine, including the front and rear bash plates as well as both differentials and extends to the front panel that covers the radiator cowling. No worries about the hard edges creating a catch point, each section is jointed creating a single smooth sliding surface and the recessed mounting holes protect the fasteners and bolt heads from protruding the skidís surface and protecting them from damaging blows. Trail Armor has also strategically placed service points for maintenance and drain holes to make washing out the dirt and debris a breeze without removing panels.

  • Made from 1/2" thick UHMW
  • Covers full length and width of machine
  • Covers front and rear differentials
  • Lap jointed panels for a single smooth surface
  • Formed leading edges to protect vulnerable frame edges and wheel wheels
  • Extended side panels bent to act as slider nerfs to protect rocker panels
  • Front and rear bash plates for added protection are included
  • Extended front panel covers radiator cowling
  • Access holes to service points and oil drain for easier maintenance
  • Strategically placed drain holes to allow dirt and debris to wash out easily
  • Recessed mounting holes to protect fasteners from damaging blows and keep bolt heads from protruding
  • Corrosion resistant hardware and photo-documented installation instructions included
  • Does require drilling additional holes for installation

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Customer Reviews

Product Reviews

  Friends ,
Posted By: - verified customer

I actually give the skid plates a 5 star. Its the excessive shipping charges that I have a problem with. And the picture I ordered from shows full skid plates A-arm covers are in picture, so I expected a full set.

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  trail armor skid plate,
Posted By: - verified customer

very heavy duty, looks good. install not bad I ride a lot of rocks and my srock skid plates were done, these look like they can handle the abuse no problem, I wish I would have got the rear a arm protection sooner as some parts are pitting from roost, but now im good

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  Better than metal,
Posted By: - verified customer
3 people found this review helpful

Definitely a bit of a challenge to put on by yourself. Used the winch on another four wheeler and pulled it over like shown in the video which made it much easier. All the hardware always seem to be a thread to short. I donít know if this was from the material just made thicker or what. Definitely would recommend installing when itís warm out to make the material a little more flexible. All in all looked nice when it was done and has been holding up against the rocks great!! Purchased the AArmguards last year and they have held up phenomenal. Would buy again.

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  full amor skid plate yamaha 2016 yxz,
Posted By:
5 people found this review helpful

If your running a Yamaha winch front bumper, the skid plate will have to be ground down where the mount wont hit the skid. Other then that I would give stars.

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