Arctic Cat HDX Suspension | Lift Kits

Ready to conquer the trails from a higher vantage point? Side By Side Stuff has trail-ready UTV parts made to give you the clearance you need. Once you raise your vehicle, you can add those larger Arctic Cat wheels you have been eyeing. Super ATV manufactures lift kits with precision parts that are laser cut, allowing you to lock in just the right angles for a smooth ride and easy movement.

Check out the 4 inch Portal Gear Lift Kit, able to improve performance by reducing gear reduction by 30%. The axles on your Arctic Cat will be protected, as this kit is made to be added without requiring modifications. If you are looking for a change, but not as much height, Super ATV still has you covered. Improve your suspension with a 2 inch front and rear lift, made with solid aluminum construction. Both kits include installation instructions, so you can take on this project on your own. Order the kit that’s perfect for your UTV at

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