Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000 Intake

If youíre interested in beefing up your performance, stop right here. Side By Side Stuff has one of the best online supplies of Wildcat 1000 intake, exhausts, and engine performance parts. These arenít any old UTV hard part kits. These bad boys will give you those beloved hp and torque gains, improved wheeling, or even the capacity to go neck-deep through a mud pit.

We werenít messing around when we went digging for the best UTV mechanical parts the Powersports world had to offer. Here, youíll find impressive HMF exhaust systems that will have you roaring through paths like a boss with more power and grit. Is ripping not your game? Maybe youíre more inclined to stare down the barrel of a bottomless mud pit. In that case, an SYA snorkel kit will have you tanking through the tough stuff without so much as breaking a sweat. Whether you need driveline strength with a new Wildcat X drive belt or smoother handling with a High Lifter clutch kit, Side By Side Stuff has you covered.

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