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Bennche Miscellaneous

We all know that Side By Side Stuff has the best supply of aftermarket UTV performance parts and body accessories for just about any buggy on the planet. What about those other “things,” the ones you don’t know you need until you need them? We’ve got that covered too with our selection of Bennche miscellaneous stuff!

In this category, you will find all the odds and ends that didn’t cross your mind until duty called, like with a UTV grab handle or a fire extinguisher. Both aftermarket accessories are necessary for those “wholly smokes” moments while a Bennche GPS could also get you out of a pickle, also available here.

Maybe the Bennche miscellaneous stuff isn’t a life or death need, but boy do they make your life easier! You can purchase your SxS ramp sets, DVRs, Speedstraps, and other UTV “stuff” at!
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