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True Am Smart Lithium Dual Battery Isolator

True Am Lithium Dual Battery Isolator

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Item #: 54-62390
Brand: True Am

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Product Description

- Will not come with any wiring to connect the battery to the isolator, you will have to provide your own wiring.
- For use with lithium batteries ONLY.

Loading your rig up with electronic goodies is a must. Your battery can get bogged down between LED light bars and tricked-out sound systems, which can cause recharging issues. That's where this Smart Lithium Dual Battery Isolator by True AM comes in handy. This unit will give you the power to sustain a sufficient energy source while allowing you to run multiple add-ons without draining your start battery. Why don't we see how this aftermarket accessory works, shall we?

The SxS dual battery isolator does not operate by linking to the battery or the ignition, so it won't cause stress these vital mechanical components. Its sole purpose is to sense the batteries' voltage and compensate by either connecting or isolating. This UTV dual battery isolator is designed for multiple lithium battery kits while being compatible with the stock unit. Suppose you want reliable charge management that won't cause damage to your main battery. In that case, this True AM dual battery isolator is the way to go.

  • Stand alone isolator, does NOT come with any wiring to connect your battery
  • Designed for multiple lithium battery systems
  • Allows you to run more accessories without draining your start battery
  • Will connect once the start battery falls into charge mode
  • Works with stock battery
  • Independent design; will work with batteries with different attributes
  • Waterproof construction
  • Does not require connection to the ignition or directly to the charging source to operate
  • 3M Dual Lock mounting (no screws needed)
  • Does not infringe on the vehicle warranty


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