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MaverickNot X3|Drivetrain Steering

Do you consider yourself a top-dog on the trail? Maybe you’re more of a dust kicker, tearing up sandy terrain. In either case, you need Maverick drivetrain, steering, and wheel spacers to increase your handling capacity. Side By Side Stuff has the goods to do it; get a load of all these quality aftermarket parts and accessories that take your ride to the next level.

Let’s start with Can Am drivetrain parts. Your drivetrain is the heart of the rig, and if it isn’t up to par, neither is your ride experience. With our selection of SxS heavy-duty axles carrying the tranny power transfer, you can kiss binds goodbye and send it when you shouldn’t. Beyond axles, amp up your wheeling performance or stance with a Super ATV transmission gear kit, Quad Boss wheel spacers, or even a Rugged power steering kit. With these aftermarket offroad parts, there will be no terrain beyond your handling abilities.

Never settle, not with a buggy like this. Beef it up with quality Maverick parts and accessories that will give you the steering performance you need to change the way you Powersports.