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Intimidator Cab Enclosures and Heaters

Side By Side Stuff has all the latest UTV accessories to customize and optimize your utility vehicle. The elements and the colder months can make using your UTV uncomfortable, so we offer a full range of Intimidator heaters and full cab enclosures to keep you comfortable. Donít let the weather keep you from enjoying your ride!

Adding aftermarket full cabins to your UTV can make your ride a little more bearable in the colder temperatures, but imaging how great youíll feel with one of our heaters for your Intimidator UTV. The heater runs off the hot water in your engine, just like the heater in your car.

Donít forget about seat warmers from Heat Demon. If you want to step up your customization even more, check out the full cab enclosures that are designed to help keep you safe and dry from the elements. Side By Side stuff offers a wide range of Intimidator side by side parts for your machine; see for yourself now!