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Yamaha Rhino Lights

For some people, their Yamaha Rhino is a ground the clock workhorse. For those riders, auxiliary lighting is an important addition to their UTV setup. Extra lighting on a Rhino drastically improves visibility over the stock headlights, making it easier to tackle tough terrain at night or take on work projects in remote or poorly lit areas. Side By Side Stuff has a massive selection of Rhino lights and mounts, from some of the most sought after brands in the industry.

Aftermarket light bars are an easy addition that can improve your Yamaha function and versatility. Oh yeah, and they make your rig look even more bad ass. Our Rhino light bars are easy to install and only require simple brackets to hold them to the roll cage. They come in a variety of sizes, each with its own level of brightness so itís easy to tailor your auxiliary lighting to what you need. Whether you need a lot of light for working at night, or just a little extra light for evening trail rides, we have lights that will work for you.

For those who prefer more traditional Yamaha lights, we also have classic round lamps available that can mount to the roll cage or brush guard of your rhino. We even have turn signal kits available for those who want to make their ride a little more road worthy. Order today and save even more with FREE SHIPPING on many of these must-haves for your vehicle.
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