Arctic Cat HDX Premounted Wheel and Tire Kits

Are you ready to totally trick out your Arctic Cat? Improve the performance and look of your UTV by adding a brand new HDX pre-mounted wheel and tire kit. Side By Side Stuff has UTV parts that can totally change the feel of your ride. Do you like wheels with a flashy look? Check out the one-of-a-kind wheels. KMC, Method Race, and Sedona Wheels are several of the brands we sell that make offroad rims for intense riding. By adding these UTV parts you will get the look and feel of an off-roading pro.

Do you want UTV tires with a thick tread? Check out the HDX Tires by EFX. You also might like the Sedona tire with a tread made for conquering rocks, mud and other trail obstacles. Find Arctic Cat Wheels that are strong enough to handle your driving at

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