Polaris Ranger 150 Cab Enclosures Heaters

For optimal comfort and UTV cab preservation, check out Side By Side Stuff's vast selection of Ranger 150 Cab Enclosures and Heaters! We've got hella sweet deals on industry-leading brands like Falcon Ridge, Aqua-Hot, Moose, and Heat Demon. So you can bank on durable builds and reliable performance with every ride.

Each aftermarket cab enclosure consists of marine-grade heavy-duty materials and hardware. In fact, they are tolerant to heat and cold temperatures. They are also abrasion-resistant while providing clear visibility and protection from the elements. In addition, the sxs enclosures come with different combos, so you only purchase what you need. For example, suppose you only have a Polaris windshield mounted up. In that case, you can grab the Ranger 150 doors, rear, window, and top. However, maybe you only need the side-by-side doors and rear window. We have you covered there too.

Along with a UTV enclosure, installing a Ranger 150 heater are great when Jack Frost comes for a visit. Side By Side Stuff has several kits to choose from when it comes to these systems. These units will fit nearly any car, including the Ranger 150 series. Additionally, the off-road accessories are water-based kits that use the coolant system. That's right, there will be no battery bogging on our watch. They aren't a pain to install as they come with detailed instructions and everything you need for installation. What's not to want?

These SxS parts and accessories are the perfect addition to your arsenal of aftermarket upgrades! The UTV experience should be of the highest level with each ride, and your comfort is important to us. In addition to our cabs and heaters, we also offer Ranger 150 storage boxes and rider apparel for the ultimate riding adventure. So be sure to browse SideBySideStuff.com for the Polaris parts and accessories you need for the ride you want.