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Honda Pioneer 1000 Windshields & Roofs

When youíre out and about in your buggy, things might be going smoothly when out of nowhere, the weather changes and suddenly youíre caught in the rain or snow! With Honda Pioneer accessories from like Pioneer windshields, roofs, and body accessories you can eliminate getting caught in the elements in the future!

With UTV roofs or even a Honda Pioneer windshield, you can not only shield yourself from less-than-desirable weather, but also seek protection from any debris that may fly up into your line of vision while youíre blazing the trails. You might even want a Honda Pioneer windshield and other Honda Pioneer accessories to protect you and your passengers from the sun if you know youíll be out riding for a good portion of the day.

For the largest selection of UTV roofs and other Honda Pioneer accessories, look no further than We have the latest parts and accessories that you need to make your riding experience that much more enjoyable, whether itís during work or play!