Kawasaki Mule Pro-FXR Exhaust

Are you looking to add some beef to your buggy’s mechanics? After all, you rely on that rig to tackle the toughest chores on challenging terrain regardless of rain, sleet, snow, or mud. Your OEM parts will wear and tear. They just aren’t made for that rigorous work. However, these Mule Pro-FXR exhaust systems and engine performance parts are.

When you’re trekking through wetlands, keeping your motor dry is a must; a drown engine means a parked buggy, and we know you don’t have time for that. With an aftermarket snorkel kit by Snorkel ATV, you can travel neck-deep with no fear. The kit simply relocates your intake, easy-peasy. It’s not all about snorkels. In this category, you’ll also find re-engineered Mule Pro-FXR drive belts, clutch kits, and other revamping UTV hard parts that offer more power and torque.

The trick to the trade is ensuring your buggy is running at optimized performance capacity. You can do it conveniently and effortlessly with Side By Side Stuff. Heck, if you give us a call, we’ll do all the work for you and even ship it right to your front porch.