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Kymco UXV Street Legal Accessories

With the right equipment, your UTV may be transformed into a street-legal vehicle. While off-roading is great, sometimes you just need to hit the pavement. Whatever the case may be, Side By Side Stuff has all the Kymco accessories you need to make your machine street legal.

There are a few offroad parts and accessories that you will need to equip before you can drive your side by side vehicle on the road, including mirrors, a horn, and a license plate with an integrated light.

Choose from a wide array of D.O.T. approved side by side parts that include durable builds that will last the long hual. We also have rear and side view mirrors from Assault Industries and Dragonfire Racing. If you want just about everything in one convenient package of Kymco accessories, check out the Dragonfire Racing Universal Street Legal Kit; you’ll be ready to hit the road in your Kymco UTV in no time/ Shop these and more UTV accessories at today!
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