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RZR XP 4 Turbo S Suspension Lift Kits

Did you notice on your last trailblazing adventure your Polaris XP 4 Turbo S was struggling with navigational control? Maybe you were experiencing some wheeling vibration, or perhaps you’re enticed by the thought of adding some massive UTV tires to your rig. Side By Side Stuff has aftermarket XP 4 Turbo S suspension parts and lift kits, to improve overall wheeling abilities, provide a more aggressive stance, all while giving you the opportunity to increase your side by side’s tire size!

With Super ATV Boxed Rear Trailing Arms, you could potentially mount up to 40-inch tires to your RZR! Having the ability to beef up your RZR XP 4 Turbo S tires is just one benefit; your side by side suspension components are also a vital element to your steering abilities. With the proper aftermarket parts, your Turbo will gain proper suspension articulation, ultimately increasing the quality of your ride.

If you’re up in the air about whether radius rods or trailing arms are the best aftermarket accessory for your XP 4 Turbo S, we’re here for you! You can contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to assist you on your performance upgrade journey!