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Green Viper AmSteel-Blue 1/4 in x 40 ft Synthetic Winch Rope

Viper AmSteel-Blue 1/4 in x 40 ft Synthetic Winch Rope - Green

Green Viper AmSteel-Blue 1/4 in x 40 ft Synthetic Winch Rope

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Item #: 84-11117
Brand: Viper

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Product Description

Unleash Your Inner MacGyver with Viper AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Winch Rope

Tired of your winch cable rusting, fraying, and generally being a pain in the neck? Ditch that dinosaur and upgrade to the Viper AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Winch Rope – your new best friend for off-road recovery. It's lighter than steel, stronger than an ox, and won't leave you with nasty splinters.

Why You'll Love This Rope:

  • Hulk-Like Strength: This bad boy boasts a higher breaking strength than traditional steel cable, so you can pull yourself (or your buddy) out of any sticky situation.
  • Feather-Light: It's a whopping 85% lighter than steel, making it a breeze to handle and reducing stress on your winch.
  • No More Ouchies: Say goodbye to rope burns and metal splinters. This synthetic rope is smooth as silk and won't leave you scarred for life.
  • Weatherproof Warrior: Rain or shine, this rope won't rust, corrode, or lose its strength. It even floats, just in case you need to pull yourself out of a swamp.
  • Easy Installation: It's a simple swap for your old steel cable. Just make sure you use a hawse fairlead for optimal performance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do I care for the rope? Rinse it with fresh water after muddy adventures and inspect it regularly for damage. It's that easy!

Key Benefits:

  • Pull your vehicle out of any jam with confidence.
  • Reduce the strain on your winch and your back.
  • Avoid painful injuries from frayed cables and sharp edges.
  • Enjoy a long-lasting, weatherproof rope that won't quit.
  • Install it in a jiffy and get back to your off-road escapades.

Don't let a wimpy winch cable hold you back. Upgrade to the Viper AmSteel-Blue Synthetic Winch Rope and become the hero of your next off-road adventure!


  • Universal


  • 1/4 inch x 40ft
  • 8,600lbs average strength
  • Proprietary Samthane coating
  • Galvanized steel eyelet
  • Includes sliding 5 foot protective sheath
  • Low stretch
  • No kinks, splinters or rust
  • Floats in water
  • Replace old cables in 15 minutes or less
  • 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Made in the USA

Important Info

  • An aluminum hawse fairlead must be used with AmSteel-Blue synthetic ropes, not a roller fairlead.
  • Cannot ship outside the lower 48 states.

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