Greene Mountain Outdoors

Greene Mountain Outdoors is a manufacturer in North Carolina that was started by a disabled veteran. The company makes and distributes parts for Can Ams, Gators, Kubotas, Mules, Rangers, Prowlers, RZRs and Rhinos. Side By Side Stuff sells durable bench seat covers from Greene Mountain Outdoors. If you’re looking for a Bench Seat Cover for the Kawasaki Mule 600 and 610, or a Seat and Head Rest Cover for the Kubota RTV 1100, we have the accessories for you. The RTV 1100 covers can transform the look of your vehicle with style options like black or camo. You can install the covers on your own without having to break out the tool kit or purchase mounting items. Each cover includes instructions and under-seat straps to hold it in place.

Riding around all day in your Kawasaki Mule or Kubota RTV can mean many hours of getting dirty and sweating in the hot sun. Mud, dirt, water, and brush can also cake up and leave a layer of debris on the interior of your UTV. Protect the vehicle you’ve invested time and money in with seat covers made by Greene Mountain Outdoors and sold at

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