Extreme Metal Products UTV Parts & Accessories

At Side By Side Stuff, we take pride in delivering quality side by side accessories for you to enjoy, including parts from brands like Extreme Metal UTV Products! We carry a number of Extreme Metal aftermarket products to outfit your ride and allow it to stand out in a crowd. You can give your buggy a look of its own, set to your standards, all thanks to parts from EMP.

Take your pick from quality UTV accessories from Extreme Metal, like half and full windshields, hard-top roofs, bumpers, winch mounts, stereo systems, and more! When you choose side-by-side parts from EMP, your ride will quickly become the envy of all your friends. Give them something to talk about today when you shop through our inventory of EMP parts!
If you’re looking for UTV accessories, EMP SxS parts not only give your ride a new look but also serve a purpose. You can tackle weather conditions and cover more ground than before.

Extreme Metal Parts: Windshields

Adding a half, full, or foldable windshield can make all the difference on the trail. Riders get protection from debris, branches, and coverage from the wind. Some riders even report improved aerodynamics. Stay protected and get free shipping on Extreme Metal UTV accessories for Hondas, Polaris vehicles, Kawasaki, and more.

Extreme Metal Winch Mounts/Brush Guards

Everybody gets stuck sometimes. Make sure you have the right accessories to support your winch when you need to get yourself out. Front bumper covers, brush guards, and winch mounts give you the sturdy stability a winch needs to safely and effectively get a UTV out of the muck.

Get More Utility in the Winter

A UTV plow is a game-changer for riders in northern climates. Easy to attach and control, these plows can save you valuable time spent shoveling. Shop around, and see which models qualify for free shipping!

Find your best buggy aftermarket parts and accessories at Side By Side Stuff and join the thousands of others who’ve made us their first stop for everything they need to ride.