TRIGGER Accessory Control Systems

It is no secret that UTV crusaders seem to be all about electronics and aftermarket add-ons. Side By Side Stuff is proud to bring our offroad outlaws TRIGGER Accessory Control Systems aftermarket control and remote kits!

TRIGGER has been leading the industry with its innovative switch configurations that also allow for RF remote control! Our favorite element to the SxS switch systems is the fact that they’re easy to install, eliminating the need to run wires throughout your dash or firewall! Did we mention you can control up to 24 aftermarket accessories?

Side By Side Stuff loves a universal kit, like the TRIGGER SIX SHOOTER system, it’s compatible for nearly any machine application; Polaris, Arctic Cat, Can-Am you name it. If you’ve got questions regarding our TRIGGER packages give us a call; we can’t wait to help you gain control of your electronic needs!

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