Polaris General XP 1000 Intake

When youíre working with sheer versatility, itís crucial to have the proper aftermarket parts and accessories to enhance its function. One way to do that is by integrating General XP 1000 Intake, Exhaust, and Engine Performance parts.

Side By Side Stuff offers a multitude of UTV parts and accessories that provide torque and horsepower increases. High-performance parts also improve airflow and fuel ratios, or you can reroute your intake with a General XP 4 1000 snorkel kit. You can take to the bank that you can go chin-deep in any mud pit, in full confidence! They are quality made from some of the best brands in the industry.

Donít settle for a mediocre SxS experience when you deserve offroad greatness. Itís as accessible and convenient as shopping online or giving one of our friendly Side By Side Stuff reps a call!

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