Polaris General XP 4 1000 Cab Enclosure

There is no stopping Jack Frost once he gets on a tangent! You know, the kind that leaves a wintery mess full of frozen discomfort? With the right aftermarket parts and accessories, you can turn the snowy season into a time of fun and excitement. Simply purchase a General XP 1000 Cab Enclosure and/or Heater!

In this section, you’ll find well-crafted UTV enclosures made from quality fabrics that are hand-measured and sewn. They can handle the rugged and the frigid! However, if you really want to warm up your situation, add a SxS heater and defrost to the mix. These are also designed to withstand harsh environments and install directly to your coolant for excellent results without bogging down your battery.

There’s no need to garage your buggy because Mother Nature is throwing a fit. Stay warm out there with aftermarket parts and accessories available at SideBySideStuff.com.