Polaris RZR PRO XP Seats and Harnesses

Pounding-ground in your Polaris is the name of the game; you can't go to big or too hard when it comes to this buggy and its exceptional agility. What's missing is the appropriate safety measures; but no worries, Side By Side Stuff has your back with our selection of RZR PRO XP harnesses.

Our UTV seat belts offer the highest level of confinement and restraint to ensure you and your passengers are secure during those epic trail runs. Along with a durable construction, the aftermarket harnesses feature color, design, buckle and size options to meet individual demands of SxS crusaders.

Safety is essential in making certain you're confidently tackling the toughest terrain with the right containment and doing it in style. You can get your purchase on today by clicking the RZR PRO XP buckle of your choice or by giving us a call; we're always glad to help!