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Arctic Cat Prowler Premounted Wheels

Whether youíre hitting the trails or working through a list of chores, the wheels on your Arctic Cat Prowler will start to show the impact of driving. Every mile puts a little more wear and tear on your offroad rims and tires. Eventually, itís time to replace your tires. Itís often better to do this early on rather than waiting for your first flat to happen on the trail. Take this moment to upgrade your tires and wheels with Prowler pre-mounted kits from Side By Side Stuff.

These aftermarket wheel and tire kits are designed for trail-riders that want to make an impression. Get custom features that change the handling ability of the tire, including everything from the tire tread to the lug nuts and reversible caps. Check out kits from Sedona, Fuel, and EFX wheel and tire kits.

Choose the perfect look for your vehicle at All you need is a sweet set of Prowler rims wrapped in quality UTV tires with outstanding carcass design and youíll have the grip to get that much-needed traction action.