Can Am Maverick Maintenance & Rebuild

Whether youíre pounding ground in a Can-Am Maverick or a Maverick X3, you are no stranger to danger. You practically thrive on it! For that kind of moxie, you need aftermarket grit like Maverick maintenance and rebuild parts!

Side By Side Stuff gets the importance of quality as you need UTV hard parts that can take the heat! From our Maverick premium drive belts to our heavy-duty ball joints, the construction is high-quality while advanced engineering optimizes performance abilities. After all, isnít that what itís about, outperforming the rest each time you hit unpredictable terrain?

Are you still not satisfied with your gains once youíve purchased our aftermarket rebuild parts? Side By Side Stuff has even more high-performance accessories like our Maverick exhaust systems and UTV drivetrain parts. The sky is the limit!