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Arctic Cat Prowler Performance Products

Do you want to upgrade your Arctic Cat and take it to new heights? If you’re like most of us, we already know the answer is yes. At, you will find the Prowler intake, exhaust, and engine performance parts to do just that. We carry all of the latest brands to keep your rig up to date and outfitted with the newest technology.

When it comes to taking your machine out on new trails, you want to be prepared for whatever comes your way. How about rolling through deep water or mud? No problem. With parts like side by side snorkels, your Prowler can take these obstacles like a champ. We do not encourage going above the factory water level recommendation, but when you find yourself in a bit deeper than you expected, you can be ready.

The snorkel kits available here are made to last and stand up to conditions for years to come. Not only will the snorkel kits last for years, but your Prowler will, too! Shop our selection of exhaust, intake and other side by side parts today – your ride will thank you!