Can Am Maverick Lights and Mounts

Whether you are ripping your rig wide open or more of a "staring down the barrel at a deep mud pit" kind of rider, having adequate visibility is essential. Side By Side Stuff takes pride in the quality aftermarket Maverick Lights and Mounts that we have available for every type of ground-pounder the offroad has to offer.

What's excellent about Maverick LED light bars is the fact that they have so many individualized features. They can meet any offroad crusader's demands, be it having a need for speed and wanting chaser lights or being a flex star on the rocks and needing some additional night time illumination. We even have UTV rock pod lights that will light up your buggy like the Fourth of July and fun-filled multicolored LED whips. There is something for everyone, from casual to intense.

It's your ride, so make it exactly what you want it to be. Choose an aftermarket Maverick LED light that gets you pumped; then add a UTV heavy-duty mount to your order so you can trust its stability. All that's left is to wait until nightfall and take your experience to the next level.