Mahindra ROXOR Intake | Exhaust | Engine Performance

This Mahindra is one of a unique SxS in the UTV world has to offer when it comes to its appearance. How about we increase the performance with ROXOR intake, exhaust, and engine performance parts, to get the inside matching the greatness of the outside.

You can take the quality of these ROXOR parts and accessories to the bank as they not only exceed OEM standards as far as construction, but they also will out-perform and outlast! There’s nothing quite like the sweet hum of an aftermarket exhaust system that provides more torque and horsepower! Who doesn’t love more horsepower and torque?

Upgrade your mean machine today with the help of your friends at Side By Side Stuff. You can order online or give us a call; we’re glad to get you geared to ride hard!

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