Polaris RZR PRO R 4 Tires

Having the right RZR PRO R 4 Tires is crucial to the cause because having the right traction action means a better ride experience. These tires come in multiple flavors, from lug design and size to target riding grip and brand. Each uniquely designed carcass determines how successful your ride experience is. So, without further ado, let's get to the bottom of which set of UTV tires will meet your off-road demands.

The trick to buying side-by-side tires is knowing your ride style and choosing tread and lug patterns that excel in those environments. For example, let's say you do it all, hit the pavement, take to the trails, and cruise the fields. Your best bet is grabbing a set of Polaris all-terrain tires by Falcon Ridge, GMZ, or Maxis.

On the other hand, if you want to hit the bogs running, ag-style mud tires are the way to go. RZR PRO 4 Boggers by Interco, Monster Mud by System 3, and Outlaw by High Lifter are all go-to options. You can even find a UTV accessory for duning, like the Sandblast by CST and STI Sand Drifters.

You can beef up that bike to work magic on your favorite terrains with Side By Side Stuff around. If you've got questions about tread patterns or tire sizes, give one of our techs a call, and they'll get you sorted out with the Polaris tires that work best for your style.