Windshields & Tops for Polaris Ranger

Your buggy is your baby. So why not treat it right with Ranger 570 windshields, roofs, and body accessories to protect its new frame and features? has offroad parts and accessories from your favorite brands like Seizmik, Falcon Ridge, Spike, and Dot Weld. Now, are you ready to hear the benefits?

Aftermarket UTV windshields are nearly a must when it comes to riding year-round. However, even the summer requires protection if you use your rig for hunting, working, or pavement travels. Drive wind, bugs, debris, and weather elements will ruin your ride and your interior. Hence, why does Side By Side Stuff have about any type of Polaris windshield you could need to meet your demands.

In addition to a side-by-sided front windshield, you are definitely going to want to get a Ranger EXT rear panel. Why? Because once you've added a front windshield, you'll either need to embrace the suck of choking on dust or slap a UTV rear windshield on the back of your cab. This will reduce or eliminate dust rollback so you can get where you're going more comfortably.

Along with windshield, Side By Side Stuff has a massive selection of Polaris Ranger roofs to choose from. These assemblies range in construction, function, and installation. For example, if you opt for a Falcon Ridge or GCL soft top, you can expect great protection with less restriction. However, if you need a more permanent solution to overhead protection, a UTV hardtop is where it's at. For instance, the EMP and Super ATV hardtops consist of impact-resistant plastic with UV protection.

With all the different Polaris windshields and roofs up for grabs, you're bound to find the one you want. But, if you can't, be sure to give one of our friendly staff a call. We get as excited as you do when you're beefing up your rig with our Polaris Ranger parts and accessories.