Can-Am Maverick Sport Max Windshields

Listen, we get that there is nothing quite like having the freedom of having an open cab. However, with that freedom comes picking bugs from your teeth, drive winds that will knock you into next week, and body aches due to debris impact. There is a time when you need to protect yourself. You can get the job done with Maverick Sport Max windshields, roofs, and body accessories.

Integrating an aftermarket windshield to your machine’s structure is a great way to reduce offroad faux pas that takes away from the excitement. What’s great is everything from Spike’s front windshield to the EMP hard-coated front windshield is designed with quality materials and stellar composition. You’re sure to find what you need. Don’t limit yourself to a UTV front windshield. We’ve got Maverick Sport Max rear panels, covers, ventilation systems, and even windshield wipers. It’s everything you need to protect you and your interior.

Never settle; get the ride you deserve. All you’ve got to do is shop online for your Can Am parts and accessories at