Jemco Cargo Boxes

As for offroad enthusiasts, we all know that there isnít a buggy on the market with compartmentalization. Bert McEwen, a rider himself, found this out in 2016 when he dug tooth and nail for the perfect rear cargo box. However, nothing would add up or fit his Polaris RZR with his quality of standards, so he decided the task rested upon him and thus Jemco was born.

By 2017 the first RZR 900 rear cargo box had been released, and boy did it fly out of the factory. It didnít take long before everyone had their hands out dying to get one for their application. The aftermarket UTV accessories offer lightweight durability, are airtight and dustproof, and is aesthetically pleasing.

Donít settle for cabin chaos, get the quality compartmentalization you need and deserve by getting your purchase on at Side By Side Stuff.

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