Fimco UTV Parts & Accessories

There are two types of offroad enthusiasts, ground-pounders and ground-workers. You may consider yourself one during the week and one during the weekend, and thatís okay because we do too! For those of you that have those grueling chores, we introduce Fimco Industries.

Fimco Industries is headquartered out of South Dakota. They hold the title of being the leading supplier of lawn and garden sprayers in the country, so of course Side By Side Stuff is a supporter! These made sturdy aftermarket sprayers are ideal for those who utilize their Polaris Ranger for getting stuff done.

When itís time to come in from riding the trails to get farm work done, Fimco is here to help and so are we. Give us a call and get your purchase on today or click the contact us link, we canít wait to hear from you!

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