Is it time to feed that thirsty engine? If youíre after providing only the best of the best for your mean machine, youíre going to want to invest in Maxima Racing Oils. If youíre not familiar with this race-inspired manufacturer, youíre in for a treat.

Maxima was established in 1979 with one thing in mind, to meet high mechanical demands with unconventional methods to provide the Powersports community with hi-performance race oils. Now, they didnít get here by using run-of-the-mill formulas. In fact, they took it to another level with unconventional methods and exclusive PEAC (Performance, Enhancing, Additive, Chemistry). The result Polaris oil change kits that will change the way you offroad.

The bottom line is this. When youíre pushing the limits, the lubrication you use must compensate for the nature of the ride. With Maximaís complete oil change kits, thatís what you get! A happy engine makes for a happy enthusiast, so get your high-performance oil change kit from

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