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Can-Am Maverick Bumpers Winches

Getting stuck in the mud because you donít have a winch or the right kind of Maverick bumpers, winches, and hitches to hold your weight is the worst. Browse a variety of colors and styles Ė all designed for the safety and style of your vehicle. Viper Max, Viper Elite, KFI, Bad Dawg and Factory UTV are some of the brands you can choose from.

Let your side by side run rogue once youíve added the right UTV parts and accessories to protect your engine and frame. Adding steel offroad bumpers to your Maverick will get you ready to aggressively take on the trail. You will be protected from tree branches, debris, vehicles driving too close or any other obstacles you might run into.

Looking for a square bumper with a winch mount? Have a specific style in mind? Choose from front tube bumpers, rear bumpers, Flying V bars to add to your cage, LED lights, rock sliders and retriever hitches. We even have the small stuff covered with a dual connection kit and multiple types of cables. These Can-Am parts protect your vehicle and can be paired with Maverick winches, so that when you get stuck it only temporarily slows you down.