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Honda Talon 1000X Skid Plates & Guards

One of the favored aspects of the powersports experience is the fact that itís unpredictable, and every ride is different from the time before. Though the fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants stunts are a blast, they also come with the aftermath as the landscape will fight back. To ensure your ride is full of adventure without the breakage, invest in Talon 1000X Skid Plates and Guards from Side By Side Stuff.

Have you ever looked at your factory coverage? Sure, itís fitting for those of you driving Miss Daisy through a flower garden. However, once you take to the trails, you can bet your driveline will be punished by that unpredictable terrain. The Honda skid plates and guards featured at Side By Side Stuff are much more durable and offer more coverage.

Donít find yourself sitting on the sidelines due to damages. Get bulletproof protection with our heavy-duty offroad skids for peace-of-mind coverage to your Talon 1000X driveline, suspension, and other components.