Polaris RZR PRO R 4 Bumpers and Winches

There is nothing worse than not having the right equipment to ride like you want to. RZR PRO R 4 Winches and Hitches offers many benefits, from rescue to adding more performance capacity to your mean machine. Our selection of UTV accessories comes from top brands in the industry with durability and function that any rough rider can respect.

Nothing will turn you into a trail hero faster than a Polaris winch. These kits come in several sizes, from an Aprove 2500-pound winch to a 6000-pound winch from Viper. In either case, the systems are marine-grade tough, so you can do the dang thang without fear of damage. Then if you are looking to add some utility to the mix, you can invest in a RZR PRO R 4 hitch. You get this when you want to knock out chores around the property with UTV cultivators, seeders, or trailers.

Though both sxs hitches and winches are crucial, you don't want to forget a True AM battery isolator, connector, or monitor. The aftermarket accessories keep your battery from bogging down once you start adding electronic beef to the mix. One thing is for sure, no matter what Polaris RZR PRO R 4 parts and accessories you need, Side By Side Stuff is here to help you get them.