Polaris Ranger XP 900 Doors and Cages

Aftermarket Ranger doors have several benefits, beyond adding a layer of protection for yourself and your passengers, including:
  1. Keeping the cabin contained increases safety
  2. Completing the “lines” of the vehicle with doors adds a more polished look
  3. Protecting riders from kicked up rocks and debris is easier with doors and cages

Differences between hard and soft Polaris Ranger door

Soft UTV doors are usually the most affordable option, fashioned from marine-grade fabrics that are waterproof plus tear, abrasion, and puncture-resistant. This method of engineering creates a perfect fitment with the Ranger 900 cab specs.The installation of these units is non-invasive, using self-adhesive Velcro strips that mount the soft enclosure to the roll bars.

Hard UTV doors consist of aluminum or polycarbonate, and are better for aggressive activities. Both materials are lightweight, while the polycarbonate is transparent. The impact-resistant doors offer outstanding protection from debris and rogue limbs. Hard doors come in different styles to fit your Ranger XP 900’s aesthetic and latching systems.

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