Cab Enclosures for Polaris Ranger XP 900

When the temperatures drop, sometimes that is exactly when your real idea of fun begins. For example, suppose you depend on your Polaris in the cold weather months for outdoor activities. In that case, you know parts for Polaris Rangers like heaters and enclosures are a must. With side-by-side enclosures and Ranger XP 900 cab enclosure and heaters from, you'll be prepared when Mother Nature strikes.

Whether soft or hard side-by-side enclosures are your style, we have the ones you are looking for. There's something for everyone from brands like Gotcha Covered, Falcon Ridge, and DFK, HardCabs. For instance, say you prefer less restriction with a Ranger XP 900 full soft enclosure with a windshield by Falcon Ridge. You will get that same reliable durability, whether you're after a Polaris full hard cab or choose a soft enclosure by GCL. In either case, you can bet the one you choose will live up to your expectations.

Sometimes, however, the UTV enclosures alone are not enough; turn to Ranger XP 900 cab heaters if that's the case. The handy Powersports heaters help provide additional warmth for your comfort and safety. These Polaris heaters are generally water-based, which doesn't bog the battery down like a standard electric heater. Additionally, there are multiple different units available. For example, Ice Crusher has kits compact under the dash or full heating systems with defrost.

In addition to these cold-weather parts for Polaris Rangers, there are also heated steering wheels and seat warmers! If you don't want to park your buggy for the winter, these UTV accessories are ideal. They keep you out of hibernation and out doing what you do. So the next time someone tells you it's too cold to head out on the trails, prove 'em wrong with these great offroad parts for Polaris Rangers from none other than!