Michelin X Tweel Tires

How many times have you ended up with a flat after tanking through the field onto your next chore? Or, maybe you were ripping it up and found yourself on the sidelines with a “ripped” tire. With Michelin and their unique blend of craft and technology, you don’t have to anymore!

Michelin operates in all three countries in North America, manufacturing its aftermarket tires in six states in the U.S.A. Unlike your typical beefed up aftermarket UTV tire, these Kubota RTV carcasses are airless! Yes, we said airless, which means they are tolerant of high-damage obstacles that seem to make their way into your path. The best part about these advanced Can-Am Maverick wheel and tire set is the fact that you need no tire maintenance! What?

Whether you’re a rock climber or a hardworking farmer, Michelin has your back with the innovative aftermarket tire with high-traction and handling abilities. You can pick your set up today at SideBySideStuff.com.

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