UTV Windshields, Roofs, and Body

Side By Side Stuff has the largest selection of UTV windshields, roofs, and body parts for your side by side. No matter what brand you ride in, we’ll have front or rear windshields, UTV tops, wipers, and other parts and accessories perfect for you.
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Find the right windshield for your side by side

Our selection includes half, full, flip-up, or folding windshields and a whole lot more. Browse side by side windshields above by make and model, and you’re on your way to finding the best unit on the internet.

Check out our UTV tops, rear panel, and other body accessories from your favorite brands. Get the style and durability you want from Falcon Ridge, Seizmik, Kolpin, GCL, Dot Weld, and DaBombat.

Getting your ride road-ready

To ride a UTV on the road, there are parts you need to meet your local and state regulations. Some states require a windshield before you hit the streets. With a side by side windshield, riders are more protected from rocks, debris, or anything that gets kicked up by other vehicles on the road. If your state requires a windshield, check out our selections, and see if you qualify for free shipping!

Your UTV's performance and looks are our #1 priority. Just like the thousands of Side By Side Stuff lovers across the country, we’ll make sure the variety, quality, and durability of our windshields and roofs will not just meet but exceed your expectations. Find your fit, find your favorite, and get yours today!