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Polaris Ranger XP 900 Crew Cab Enclosure

Do you love taking your closest friends and family members out for a ride in your high-performance car? I'm sure they love it just as much as you do! However, when the weather is a bit too chilly for your liking, can you really enjoy the ride experience? With the right offroad accessories like 6-Seater Ranger Crew XP 900 cab enclosures and heaters from, you no longer have to take a day off due to cold weather.

We carry a wide variety of Polaris Ranger Crew parts designed to keep you safe and warm. Even when you're out in the colder temps, bitter freezing even. With side-by-side attachments like 5-Seater Ranger Crew XP 900 doors and enclosures for the cab, as well as UTV cab heaters, you'll wonder how you made it this long without these great parts.

Our selection of Polaris soft enclosures is available in different combination sets. In addition, you can also purchase an entire Ranger soft enclosure, including a polycarbonate windshield. For example, if you already have some pieces, opt for only what you need, like the GCL doors and rear window. On the other hand, maybe all you have is a windshield. In that case, you'll want the Falcon Ridge doors, rear window, and top. That being said, are you looking for a permanent kit because we can do that too with the HardCabs-DFK full hard enclosure.

Now that you've picked which unit to wrap your rig in choose a Ranger Crew XP 900 heater to keep that cockpit toasty. Side By Side Stuff has several sxs heaters that will meet your demands. For instance, go for a model-specific unit by Ice Crusher or a universal Polaris heater system by Aqua-Hot and Moose.

Keep the fun going all year long with a little help from your friends right here at We have all the latest Polaris Ranger Crew parts that you need to take your ride from ordinary to extraordinary. Shop online now for UTV cab heaters, doors, enclosures, and so much more!