Polaris RZR Trail Enclosures and Heaters

Show of hands… Who thinks just because the weather takes a dive, you have to park your buggy for the season? Not with the likes of Side By Side Stuff around. With our arsenal of RZR Trail and Trail S enclosures and heaters, you can ride all year regardless of the weather!

You will not find higher quality UTV than what you’ll find at SideBySideStuff.com. Most items are hand-hand crafted from industry leaders like Falcon Ridge from high-grade marine textiles and fabrics. Once you get your buggy all wrapped up, it will be time to add some warmth to the situation. You can get in the form of high-functioning heat systems from Moose or Aqua Hot or warm your rear with Demon seat warmers. That, friends, is how you winter rip without freezing to death.

Side By Side Stuff has several more Polaris RZR Trail and Trail S parts and accessories that will elevate your ride comfort to a whole new level. Be sure to browse around. You’re sure to find what you need.