Yamaha Wolverine X2 Cab Enclosures & Heaters

Is there anyone on the planet that enjoys a brisk trail ride in the dead of winter? Actually, friend, there are! In fact, it's enthusiasts that have upgraded their car with a Wolverine X2 Cab Enclosure and Heater. These aftermarket UTV parts and accessories will give you the comfort you need regardless of how cold it is.

When it comes to Yamaha cab enclosures and heaters, you won't find a more well-rounded selection. Side By Side Stuff teams with 100's manufacturers across the country to ensure our patrons get quality parts for their makes and models. That includes side-by-side cab enclosures and heaters.

The cab enclosures you'll find here range in style, function, and build. However, you can bet whether you invest in a UTV soft enclosure or a hard unit. It's got the git to handle your ride. As a matter of fact, many of our accessories are hand-crafted by some of the hottest brands in the industry. You can't beat old-school construction with new-age textiles.

In addition to SxS enclosures, Side By Side Stuff has a great supply of Yamaha cab heaters or even seat warmers. What's excellent about our UTV cab heaters is the system design. Most generally, these aftermarket accessories are water-based systems. That means the unit uses the coolant system to transfer warm air from the engine into the cab. Why is that a perk? Because a water-based Wolverine X2 cab heater won't bog your battery down. In the Powersports world, this is a huge win.

With Side By Side Stuff around, there's no reason to hibernate your rig during the winter season. We've got everything you need to keep you riding all year long in multiple weather conditions. For instance, do you live in a heavily snowy area? No problem! When purchasing up your new Yamaha cab heater and enclosure, don't forget to check out the Wolverine X2 tracks systems.